Cloud Dippy Cups

Cloud Dippy Cups


What better way to up the mealtime parenting wins than by bringing the Emondo Kids Cloud Dippy Cups to the Rainbow party.

Designed specifically to fit within the cloud sections of the Rainbow Suction plate, they are the perfect partner in the pursuit of mealtime success. Use them for dips, sauces, a little treat for dessert or even put the peas in there so they stay away from those dam mash potatoes! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. I guess you could probably even put eggs in there too…I guess.

Made from the same 100% sustainable Bamboo, that all Emondo Kids products are produced from, our Cloud Dippy Cups will become your first choice when you need to hold things or stuff.

But what if it’s not a Rainbow Dippy Egg type of day? Well that’s ok too. Their wide base and solid design means they can take pride of place on the plate, on their own as well.

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Emondo Kids

Allow your children to immerse themselves into a world of imagination and hands-on curiosity. Made entirely from sustainable, toxin-free materials, each product in the range has been created to assist you in reigniting a sense of joy and positivity to what can be an extremely stressful period of development for you and your family.

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