Karri the Koala

Karri the Koala


Karri the Koala, our quiet and unassuming hero of mealtimes. Like a comfy pair of slippers that just fit right, she goes about her business of making children happy and engaged with their food without any fuss or seeking praise.

The patriarch of the Emondo Kids family, Karri has been here since day one watching over the team and keeping the ship sailing in the right direction.

Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, Karri’s three (3) segment design allows appropriate portioning of meals and the opportunity for you to get creative with your little one’s food.

Let your imagination run wild and let Karri bring joy and pleasure to your families dining table.

Plate only, suction not included

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Emondo Kids

Allow your children to immerse themselves into a world of imagination and hands-on curiosity. Made entirely from sustainable, toxin-free materials, each product in the range has been created to assist you in reigniting a sense of joy and positivity to what can be an extremely stressful period of development for you and your family.

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