Silk Scarf Painting Peacock


Silk Scarf Painting Peacock

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Beautiful art activity for older girls, Djeco Silk Painting is a new and engaging art project with outstanding results.

Using the unfolded box as a frame, you pin out the scarf to the frame to hold it securely in place. The pre-printed illustrations on the scarf keep the paint within the lines ensuring a neat, perfect finish. The included inks are all that is needed to follow the detailed step by step instruction booklet to paint in the design. Simply dry the scarf using a hair drier and voil – a beautiful hand painted scarf to wear.

Djeco recommend for children aged 7 – 13 years due to the intricate nature of this older children’s art project.

  • Stretch out the silk over the frame, then you delicately add the colours with the paintbrush.
  • The pre-printed contours keep the inks from running
  • Dry the ink with a hair dryer, and then you can wear your work of art around your neck
  • 1 delicate paintbrush
  • Includes 40 pins
  • 5 bottles of heat fixing coloured inks: pink, blue, pale blue, royal blue and, green
  • The one silk sheet measures out to 83 x 24 cm
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Djeco are a Paris based company, specialising in highly imaginative and creative children’s toys. They are the only brand in the world that successfully creates traditional toys with a fresh modern look. Each product can take up to a year to travel from the design board to the shelves, and undergoes rigorous quality testing.

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