Rainbow Plate with Suction

Rainbow Plate with Suction


What it will do though, is help your fussy little eater finish all their veggies, which is what we really want, isn’t it!? That’s why we designed it. A sensible and practical mealtime solution to help you, help them, develop healthy eating habits and to grow big and strong.

Uniquely designed from 100% sustainable Bamboo, the Rainbow Plate features three (3) individual compartments allowing you to portion your child’s meals appropriately, saving you time, waste, and heartache. Because who wants their peas touching their mash potato. Ewwww gross!

Now the part about the suction. It has suction. The best suction of any suction. Seriously…..it sucks, really, really well. It is a game changer, and it will stay where you put it, until you move it.

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Emondo Kids

Allow your children to immerse themselves into a world of imagination and hands-on curiosity. Made entirely from sustainable, toxin-free materials, each product in the range has been created to assist you in reigniting a sense of joy and positivity to what can be an extremely stressful period of development for you and your family.

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