Lunch Box Set – Dino Faune Green Mix


Lunch Box Set – Dino Faune Green Mix


  • Material: stainless steel (18/8 steel) / lid made of silicone (free of BPA and phthalates)
  • Size: drinking bottle 17 x 7 cm / lunch box 5.5 x 13.5 cm
  • Capacity of drinking bottle: 350 ml / volume of vesper can 900 ml
  • Color: Rainbow Love Sandy / Cat Dark Rose Multi Mix – Vesper box in dark rose with a cat’s head on the lid / drinking bottle in sand colors with rainbow print
  • Model: Joni
  • The color of the bottle is durable and water-based and complies with EU regulations for food coloring
  • Without coating on the inside
  • Keeps warm drinks warm for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours
  • The thermos bottle is supplied with a lid: the drinking cap with handle (free of toxic substances) is watertight with the bottle
  • The snack can is suitable for storing liquids if the can is stored horizontally
  • The snack box is dishwasher-safe up to 65 ° degrees
  • Not suitable for the oven
  • Suitable for freezers up to -20 degrees
  • Suitable for food up to 230 ° degrees
  • Do not use on the stove top
  • Care instructions: Wash the bottle only by hand with a bottle brush so as not to destroy the color and the thermal function
  • Complies with EU regulations for food storage
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